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HEX Selector Switch 60/90 degree 3 in 1

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Your Price: $35.95
Part Number: SI-AR-HS60/90-3in1
Availability: In Stock

With customization and economy of effort in mind, the 60/90 AMBI allows the end user the choice of selector switch degree to suit their personal shooting style.  Whether you prefer short throw or a conventional selector switch lever; the SI 60/90 allows for easy configuration for strong side only or bilateral weapons manipulations.   

Package include:
- 1 x AR-HS-60/90-AMBI
- 2 x HEX ambidextrous selector switch w/mount
- 1 x End cap

- 60/90 degree Ambi
- Machined and Heat Treated
- Custom HEX design
- Groove cuts for secure grip

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