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Prometheus KC AR15 Handguard Addition

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Part Number: DOLOS-KC-Handguard Kit
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Add another barrel setup to your Dolos take-down system with the KC Handguard Kit to add a caliber or different length barrel.

This Pantheon Arms designed KMOD handguard for the AR15 provides tremendous value for your money. It is 6.5 inches long, KMOD on 7 sides, with a full length picatinny rail was designed especially for the Dolos takedown system, but works great with a standard barrel nut (sold separately). When mounted on a Dolos lock collar, the handguard will extend 7 inches from the face of your upper receiver.



  • Pantheon Arms KC 6.5 inch KMOD handguard
  • Pantheon Arms Dolos Standard Lock Collar

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