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Prometheus SC Removable Barrel Handguard Kit

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*New Active lock system*

The Prometheus SC consists of the Dolos take-down system as well as our SC, carbine length handguard. Installing this kit on an existing AR15 or new build will allow you to drastically decrease the footprint of your AR rifle or pistol for efficient storage or discreet transport, with a repeatable zero each time it is assembled.

The kit includes:

  • Pantheon Arms Dolos Standard Lock Collar
  • Pantheon Arms Dolos Tri-Lug Assembly
  • Pantheon Arms SC Handguard

To add an additional barrel setup for caliber changes, etc., you will need to purchase an additional handguard kit or lock collar.

Note: The holes machined into this handguard are purely for air flow to slow heating from sustained fire, not attaching accessories. Take a look at our MC, KC, KR, and KX handguards if you wish to add a front sight or MLOK/KeyMod accessory.

The kit is designed to work with any carbine or pistol length direct impingement gas system.  The system is designed to work with the supplied 7" carbine length handguard or the threads are now compatible with YHM railed handguards.

The kit is designed to work only with direct gas impingement systems and is not compatible with gas piston conversions. The Dolos works fine with railed gas blocks on carbine length or longer barrels using the factory 7" handguard.

NOTE: Firearm, barrel, gas block and gas tube are NOT included.

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