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                 Charlie Gautier

Charles started his love for firearms at the early age of 14 with his Stepfather. At 19 he became a swore Law Enforcement officer and did so for many years. In 2012 he decided to take competitive shooting seriously and under the guidance of Morgan Allen have won several Division Championships and picked up sponsors along the way. A professional photographer by trade if he is not shooting behind the camera he is shooting behind a gun at the range.


2012 1st Place ESP Expert Georgia State IDPA Championship
2012 1st Place SSP Expert Sunshine State Games
2013 1st Place ESP Expert Florida State IDPA Championship
2013 ESP Master Division Champion / High Overall – Florida Citrus Challenge

2013 3rd Place ESP Master Georgia State IDPA Championship
2014 1st Place/Division Champion ESP Master IDPA Nationals PR
2014 ESP Master Division Champion Florida State IDPA Championship
2014 1st Place/Division Champion ESP Master & High Overall South Florida Ballistic Challenge
2014 1st Place Georgia State IDPA Championship ESP Master
2014 ESP Master Division Champions Florida Citrus Challenge High Overall

Featured in Shooting USA today TV show Outdoors Channel winning The Puerto Rico IDPA Nationals on 6/11/14

Sponsored by:

Tactical Life
Rainier Ballistics
BladeTech Industries
The Brass Exchange
Hydro Print Services
Sola Tactical
Rudy Project
Grizzly Targets
Ranger Proof
Weapon Shield

                        Anthony Cruz

Anthony Cruz has been shooting competitively since 2010. Competing in IDPA, Steel Challenge and 3 Gun. Since that time Anthony has started The Shooter's Mindset Media which interviews champion shooters and the firearms industry's finest companies. Anthony has trained with shooter's such as Robert Vogel, Morgan Allen, Ben Stoeger and Gabby Franco. Along with completing Tactical Pistol Course level 1 & 2 with Miami Firearms training.

Recent Accomplishments
- 4th Place ESP SS at 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals
- 3rd Place ESP SS at 2014 Florida State IDPA Championship
- 2nd Place ESP EX at 2014 South Florida Defensive Challenge
- 1st Place ESP EX at 2014 IDPA Sunshine State Games

Sponsored by
- Tactical Life
- Fort Mill Munitions LLC
- Blade-Tech Industries
- Rand CLP
- J. Dewey Gun Cleaning Products
- Standard Deviation Arms
- The Shooter's Mindset
- N82 Tactical
- Black Bullets International
- Tractiongrips
- Taran Tactical Innovations