1. UM Tactical R.A.G.E Comp Black

UM Tactical R.A.G.E Comp Black

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Defined as Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion, It's a Total Compensation System.  This new Rifle compensator is the world's first re-configurable recoil management device. 
With our system there is no drilling, no mistakes to make. Placement of the port washers allows for total control and tuning of your rifle to your liking.
The UM Tactical R.A.G.E. TCS presents the clear leader in muzzle recoil management devices. A few advantages of our system: Easy Installation. Reduction in felt recoil, Reduction in muzzle rise. No grinding. No drilling.  Extremely easy cleaning.  You buy one device and it's re-configurable for any changes you make to your rifle system or load, Forever.  Full auto shooters will enjoy the massively reduced recoil and muzzle climb.  

Each kit includes case,  Muzzle Barrel and Nut, 5 Port Washers for 100+ Configurations, Crush Washer, 4 Set Screw w/wrench and a Shooter Set Up Log.

Made in the USA

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